ANREALAGE is praised as the brand of “shaking the commonsense in clothing”; theme of this season is “light”. Light shrines in the dark, and the base principle for the design is a white circle in the middle of the black cloth. Besides, there are also coats and skirts that will reflect printed dots under the black light, just like a magic trick. Please enjoy the new world combined of design and technology.
Meet ANREALAGE, a brand that shocked Paris Fashion Week spring/ summer 2015 with its collection “shadow” theme collection. Its smart clothes change their colors when illuminated with ultraviolet light, just like magical silhouettes.
Kunihiko Morinaga, praised as “a designer that could shake the commonsense in clothing”, combines the ideas of “A REAL, UNREAL and AGE” in his brand. Since its launch in 2003, ANREALAGE has thrilled audiences with its creativity: clothes in spherical and cubic shapes, clothes whose size change with the twist of a dial; thermoregulatory clothes that adapt to the changing seasons...As implied in its name, ANREALAGE brilliantly transforms the UNREAL to A REAL.
Wearing clothes or accessories by ANREALAGE means more than fashion. It opens the door to a world beyond your imagination.
ANREALAGE,一个在2015年巴黎春夏时装周上大放异彩的品牌。出展服装以 “SHADOW”为题,在光线的照耀下如同影绘一般展现出千变万化的色彩,让所有 观众惊叹不已。 ,在他的品牌名里,包含着A REAL(日 常)、UN REAL(非日森永邦彦被誉为“撼动服装常识的设计师”常)和AGE(时代)三种涵义。这是一个名副其实的名字。自 2003年踏入时尚界以来,他所发布的令人耳目一新的服装数不胜数 :球型的服装, 立 方 体 的 服 装 ,通 过 转 动 轮 盘 可 以 自 由 调 整 尺 寸 的 服 装 ,能 够 调 节 温 度 的 永 不 过 季的服装,等等,其魅力让许许多多的人深深折服。如同其品牌名所揭示的,他正 是将UN REAL(非日常)变成了A REAL(穿 戴 上 A N R E A L A G E 的 服 装 、单 品 或 配 饰 ,不 仅 仅 是 “ 时 尚 ” 那 么 简 单 。您 将 超 越 时尚的领域,进入一个前所未有的崭新世界。
1980 Born in Tokyo.
2003 Graduated from the School of Social Science at Waseda University and Vantan Design Academy, and launched his own brand “ANREALAGE”.
2005 Won the Avanr-Garde Grand Prix at Gen Art in New York, a contest held for new young designers.
2006 First participated in Tokyo Fashion Week.
2011 Won the 29th of Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix for the best new designer.
Won Shiseido incentive award.
2012 Solo exhibition “ANREALAGE exhibition ‘A REAL UN REAL AGE’” in The Parco Museum (Tokyo)
2013 Exhibition “Philosophical Fashion 2: A COLOR UN COLOR” in The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa)
1980年 出生于东京。
2003年 早稻田大学社会学部和Vantan研究所毕业后,开始职业生涯。
2005年 参加纽约新人设计师大赛“GEN ART 2005”,荣获前卫时装奖。
2006年 开始参加东京时装周。
2011年 第29届每日时尚大奖新人奖获奖。
2012年 在东京Parco博物馆开设个展“A REAL UN REAL AGE”。
2013年 在石川县金泽21世纪美术馆开设个展
“Philosophical Fashion 2: A COLOR UN COLOR”。