power of genuine hats
Made by the luxury haute couture technique, KAMILAVKA is said simple and modern. In autumn and winter, a woolen hat that can reflect your mood of the day sounds perfect. The designer Masakazu Furusawa designed those hats one by one, such as molding the hat tops by hand, folding two berets together to make a unique double beret hat. We promise you will find the right one just for you.
KAMILAVKA一贯使用奢华的高级缝制技法来打造自己的帽子,风格简约而又现代。在即将到来的秋冬季里最为推荐的,是可以根据每一天的心情巧妙改变形状、演绎出不同气质的羊毛制帽子。设计师Masakazu Furusawa为我们带来的作品件件与众不同,或是每只帽顶都有所不同的褶皱帽,或是两顶贝雷帽叠加制成的特别帽子……相信您一定能找到只属于您的心仪单品。
Do you know how important the hat is to fashion?
A genuine hat could present the individuality of its wearer to an extent far beyond his or her own expectation. Naturally, but effectively. We strongly recommend you to experience the wonderfulness of genuine hats by yourself, which, without the doubt, would enhance your style greatly.
KAMILAVKA is an excellent choice for this experience. It is a professional brand of hats established by Masakazu Furusawa, the last right hand of the legendary hat designer AKIO HIRATA, who created numerous classics for COMME des GARÇONS, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. Masakazu Furusawa is a magical designer who produces highly complete hats with creativeness and exquisite techniques. He intentionally employs lots of luxurious elements of haute couture to create casual looks, which clearly draws the line between his hats and the others’. You do not need to wait for a particular time or occasion to wear his hat. It simply makes anyone who wears it more fascinating and fashionable.
Let’s try on your favorite before the mirror, and have a taste of what is the genuine. A new world of fashion is just opening in front of you.
帽子所诠释出的个性之精彩,总是能远远超出其饰戴者的预期。一顶真正的好帽子,看似漫不经心, 实 却 妙 不 可 言 — — 这 般 只 有 真 正 的 帽 子 才 拥 有 的 力 量 ,请 您 也 务 必 亲 自 体 验 一 番 。以 其 绝 伦 的 魅 力 , 势必会让您的时尚度一口气再上几个台阶。
想 要 吟 味 好 帽 子 的 魅 力 , K A M I L A V K A 是 您 不 二 的 选 择 。这 是 一 个 专 注 于 帽 子 的 品 牌 ,其 品 牌 创 立 者Masakazu Furusawa师从AKIO HIRATA,而后者正是为COMME des GARÇONS、山本耀司、三宅 一生等一流品牌打造了诸多经典的传奇帽子设计师。作为大师最后的得意门生,Masakazu Furusawa 的设计如同魔术师一般充满灵性 :他大胆地使用高级缝制的奢华元素来打造休闲随性的造型,设计 别 具 一 格 、剪 裁 干 净 利 落 ,与 其 他 的 帽 子 一 比 ,匠 心 一 目 了 然 。更 难 能 可 贵 的 是 , K A M I L A V K A 的 帽 子独特却百搭,无论是谁,无论在怎样的场合,它都能增添您的时尚气质,使您熠熠生辉。 请在镜子前,试戴上您钟意的帽子,感受一下 “真正的好帽子”的魅力吧。一个崭新的时尚世界,正在 您的眼前展开。