The theme of this season is “the invitation to a trip”. As if starting a trip by a luxury night train galloping in Europe, these delicate costumes full of vintage atmospheres arouse the nostalgic thoughts deep inside people’s heart. Coats, blouses, and skirts… every item can bring you the feeling of “being as a woman is the happiest thing”. The carefully chosen materials and designs, as well as the fashionable and alive styles, formed the core temperaments of this brand. Please wearing these romantic and feminine clothes and begin the trip just belongs to yourself, and then this elegant world will be presented right in front of you.
本季主题为“旅行的邀请”。宛如正乘坐着欧洲的豪华夜行火车踏上旅程,这些充满复古气息的服饰不禁唤起人心底一缕怀恋的思绪。大衣,衬衫,裙子......每一件单品,都让您感受到“身为女性真的太好了”的幸福。精益求精的选材和设计,风格时尚而又灵动,是本品牌的关键气质。请穿戴上浪漫而 充满女人风情的衣装,开启只属于您的旅程,去看看这个优雅的世界吧。
Leur logette, which focuses on female costumes, has been beloved deeply by females in Tokyo, New York, Paris and other metropolis by its vintage, dreamful and lovely characters. It is difficult to find any lady who is not attracted by this brand – and these words are not fulsome praises definitely. Just as the brand name “their little rooms” indicates, what the designer Masako Imoto has been trying to create is a beautiful universe full of personalities and all the endless dreams of females. Leur logette is extremely strict of choosing materials. From MALHIA KENT and SCHLAEPFER that are the professional shell fabrics of European haute couture, to the vintage buttons collected from flea markets in different European cities, leur logette pays inventive attentions to every detail of its products. Especially for some boutiques, every single stitch is completed by the originalities of leur logette.

Please add one leur logette to your collections in closet, and your own incomparable universe will be presented right away. The most charming star in this gorgeous dreamful world is no one but you.
主打女性服饰的leur logette风格复古华丽、充满幻想而又不失可爱,深受东京、纽约和巴黎等 时尚都市的潮流女性喜爱。没有哪位女性不会为这个品牌而吸引——这份评价实在不是夸大其 词。正如其品牌名“她们的小小房间”所示,设计师Masako Imoto所倾力打造的,正是这样一个 充满个性的、包裹着女性所有无垠梦境的美丽的小宇宙。leur logette对素材十分挑剔,从专业 用于欧洲高级缝制的MALHIA KENT和JAKOB SCHLAEPFER面料,到从欧洲各地跳蚤市场 精心搜集而来的复古纽扣,可谓每个细节都充满匠心。其中更有一部分制品,每一针每一线都 是leur logette原创的结晶。

在您的衣橱里添入一件leur logette,拉开只属于您的无与伦比的宇宙的帷幕吧。您,就是这个充 满梦想的华丽世界里最富魅力的主角。