Looking at mintdesigns you will find the original film, abundant color, the motif and print full of funniness. The season theme is “SMOKE”. It means it will keep the original childish funniness while drawing a layer of fog, creating an image of typical classical aroma. You can find many kinds of interesting uniqueness here, such as graphic clothes made with bold tape designs, coats with resin-treated lace, and one-piece printed with classical shoes.
mintdesigns was established by Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi, who hit it off while studying design in London. They strive to infuse our everyday lives with richness through product design; and their fashion is never “just” fashion. The “mint” in their brand’s name not only represents the fresh image of the eponymous herb, but also blends the ideas of “brand-new” and “with rare value”.
mintdesigns explores the possibilities of “fashion” far beyond what is “fashionable”. Its clothes are known for their playful motifs and prints, creative forms and rich colors;. Since its launch in 2001 it has been also continually expanding its design range to include other items such as bags, groceries and furniture. It has also forged collaborations in other fields, such as dinnerware and Japanese confections. mintdesigns actively holds solo as well as group exhibitions that have gone beyond the boundaries of fashion, and always move forward, creating their own individual and artistic space.
mintdesigns由胜井北斗和八木奈央共同设立。两人于在伦敦学习设计之时结识, 意趣相投,一同打造了这个大大超越了时尚范畴的时尚品牌。他们的理念是,“让 日常生活的时光更为丰富的设计”。品牌名中的mint除了代表薄荷草叶的清新,还 意味着 “耳目一新”和 “稀少的价值”。 自2001年进入时尚界以来,他们活跃在多个领域,不断追问着 “时尚”的可能性。且 这一 “时尚”,并不单纯是 “流行”的同义词。
出自他们手中的服装自不用提 :主题和纹样洋溢着玩乐的心情,剪裁独特,色彩 斑 斓 。除 此 之 外 ,他 们 还 接 手 设 计 箱 包 、杂 货 和 家 具 。他 们 与 制 造 商 的 合 作 活 动 甚至延伸到了餐具和日式点心等与服装大相径庭的领域,并且广受好评。 此外,胜井北斗和八木奈央还积极在世界各地推出个展和群展,不断打破着传统时尚的 框架,开拓着只有他们才能够创造出的艺术世界。
1973 Born in Tokyo. Ever studied at Parsons The New School for Design, and graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.
1973 Born in Osaka.
Graduated from Doshisha University, majoring in Aesthetics and Art Theory. Later graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.
2001 Established mintdesigns.
2003 Started participating in Tokyo fashion week with the spring/summer collection.
2008 Participated in the opening show of San Paulo fashion week spring/summer. Present Guest professors of Osaka Seikei University, the Faculty of Art & Design.
- Awards
2005 Won the Moët & Chandon award for the best new designer.
2010 Won the 28th of Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix.
- Solo Exhibition
2011 “HAPPY MISTAKE! –pattern on pattern-” in MOCA Taipei (Taipei).
“HAPPY MISTAKE! –pattern on pattern- in Kyoto” in Oaska Seikei University Gallery B (Osaka).
2013 “Philosophical Fashion 3: happy people” in The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa).
- Group Exhibition
2007 “THIS PLAY !” in 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT (Tokyo).
2009 “TOKYO FIBER ‘09 SENCEWARE” in Milano Salon (Milano).
2010 “Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” in The Barbican Art Gallery (London).
2011 “Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” in Haus der Kunst (Munich).
“感じる服 考える服:東京ファッションの現在形” in Tokyo Opera City Tower Gallery (Tokyo).
2012 “Future Beauty : 日本ファッションの未来性” in The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
“NEOREAL in the FOREST / Canon” in Milano Salon (Milano).
2013 “Feel and Think : A New Era of Tokyo Fashion” in Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (Sydney).
“Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” in The Seattle Art Museum.
“Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” in The Peabody Essex Museum (Salem).
2014 “Future Beauty : 日本ファッション:不連続の連続” in The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto.
“The Future of Fashion is Now” in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam). “Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” in Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane).
1973年 出生于东京。曾就读于纽约的帕森斯设计学院。毕业于伦敦的中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院。
1973年 出生于大阪。毕业于同志社大学,主修美术艺术学。后赴伦敦,毕业于中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院。
2001年 设立mintdesigns。
2003年 从春夏季度开始参加东京时装周。
2008年 在圣保罗春夏时装周的开场秀中出场。
- 获奖经历
2005年 酩悦香槟(Moët & Chandon)新人设计师大赛获奖。
2010年 第28届每日时尚大奖获奖。
- 个展
2011年 “HAPPY MISTAKE! –pattern on pattern-”,于台北当代艺术馆(台北)。
“HAPPY MISTAKE! –pattern on pattern- in Kyoto”,于大阪成蹊大学美术馆B(大阪)。
2013年 “Philosophical Fashion 3: happy people”,于金泽21世纪美术馆(石川)。
- 群展
2007年 “THIS PLAY !”,于21_21 DESIGN SIGHT(东京)。
2009年 “TOKYO FIBER ‘09 SENCEWARE”,于米兰国际家具展(米兰)。
2010年 “Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion”,于巴比肯美术馆(Barbican Art Gallery)(伦敦)。
2011年 “Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion”,于艺术之家(Haus der Kunst)(慕尼黑)。
“感じる服 考える服 :東京ファッションの現在形”,于Tokyo Opera City Tower(东京)。
2012年 “Future Beauty : 日本ファッションの未来性”,于东京都现代美术馆(东京)。
“NEOREAL in the FOREST / Canon”,于米兰国际家具展(米兰)。
2013年 “Feel and Think : A New Era of Tokyo Fashion”,于Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation(悉尼)。
“Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion”,于Seattle Art Museum(西雅图)。
“Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion”,于Peabody Essex Museum(塞林)。
2014年 “Future Beauty : 日本ファッション :不連続の連続”,于京都国立近代美术馆(京都)。
“The Future of Fashion is Now”,于Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen(鹿特丹)。
“Future Beauty : 30 Years of Japanese Fashion”,于Gallery of Modern Art(布里斯班)。