NORITAKA TATEHANA is well known as the shoes designer for Lady Gaga. Besides the iconic Heel-less Shoes, it also produces black and red leather products, and ornate hairpins based on the image of Oran (the well-educated artistic high-class courtesan in ancient times). It offers the total collection from the tote bag and shoulder bag to bag-in-bag and wallet. Besides, Réel_SurRéel also offers a NORITAKA TATEHANA limited designed bag for the POP UP STORE.
作为Lady Gaga的御用设计师而广为闻名的NORITAKE TATEHANA除了标志性的Heel-less Shoes,还有黑与红的皮革饰品、以花魁(历史上精通各种才艺的高级游女)为主题设计的发簪等多种多样的作品。从挎包,斜背包,包中袋,到钱包,一应俱全,可以满足您全套配置的需要。其中还有Réel_SurRéel限定的商品,这份美妙的“特别感”一定能让您心满意足。
Just one glimpse of his shoe designs will leave an indelible impression and change you forever. Welcome to the glamour of NORITAKA TATEHANA, whose work is beloved by Lady Gaga. Many of his designs now reside in the permanent collections of famous museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and The Victoria and Albert Museum.
He started making dresses and shoes at the age of 15, and later majored in the traditional Japanese dyeing technique of Yuzen at the Tokyo National University of the Arts. During his time at the university he also did research on the Oiran culture, which fueled his subsequent design inspirations. The Oiran were high-ranking courtesans from the Edo period, who were sophisticated and skilled at musical instruments and in the way of tea. The shoes they wore with their extravagant costumes were a specialized form of clog unique to them and which were often 20 centimeters high.
NORITAKA TATEHANA’s respect and love for the rich creative Oiran style informs his own wildly innovative creations and pushes the fashion envelope to new levels.
NORITAKA TATEHANA的作品,只需一眼、就无法叫人忘记。 红遍全球的超级偶像Lady Gaga是他的作品的忠实粉丝。此外,他的作品和个展 还被永久收藏在纽约的The Metropolitan Museum of Art、Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology、伦敦的Victoria and Albert Museum等著名博物馆里。
他 1 5 岁 时 开 始 独 自 学 习 制 作 服 装 和 鞋 子 ,在 东 京 艺 术 大 学 就 读 时 主 攻 日 本 的 传 统 印 染 技 法 — — 优 雅 而 纤 细 的 友 禅 染 。而 他 在 大 学 期 间 所 研 究 的 花 魁 文 化 ,则 成 为 他设计灵感的一大来源。花魁是17至19世纪的高级游女,教养良好,才艺丰富,深 谙音乐、茶道等技艺。这些着装极尽奢华的花魁们,行走时脚上所穿的是近20厘 米高的特殊木履。 浓郁而魅惑的花魁文化经由设计师的独特演绎,以极具艺术性的形式被展现出 来。这在他的皮革制品系列中也得到了淋漓尽致的体现。
1985 Born in Tokyo.
2010 After graduation from the Department of Crafts in Faculty of Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Tatehana established his own brand “NORITAKA TATEHANA”.
The A/W 2010-11 collection became part of Museum at FIT (New York)’s permanent collection.
2011 Work exhibition at COMME des GARÇONS store, exclusive item ordering sale.
Work displayed in the “DAPHNE GUINNESS EXHIBITION” a The Museum at FIT (New York).
Participated in the large-scale exhibition “GAGA’ s workshop” at Barney’s New York Madison Avenue store.
2012 First participated in the New York fashion week.
Work “Raven clogs” he made at university became part of The Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanent collection. Work exhibited in the Christie’s auction (London) and its bid price was recorded as the 9th highest among all 102 items. Exhibition “Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” at The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
2013 The ballet shoes made for LADY GAGA became part of The Museum at FIT (New York)’s permanent collection.
The A/W 2010-11 collection became part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)’s permanent collection. Work is displayed in the exhibition “Shoe Obsession” in The Museum at FIT (New York).
Work from The Kyoto Costume Institute’s permanent collection displayed in The Seattle Art Museum.
Work displayed in the “Fetishism in Fashion” exhibition in Arnhem MoBA 2013 (the Netherlands).
Works displayed in The Peabody Essex Museum.
1985年 出生于东京。
2010年 由东京艺术大学美术部工艺学科毕业之际设立品牌NORITAKA TATEHANA,开始活跃于时尚圈。
个展A/W 2010-11被纽约Museum at FIT永久收藏。
2011年 在COMME des GARÇONS概念店开设个展,并提供作品定制。
参加高级百货商场Barneys纽约本店的圣诞活动 “GAGA’s workshop”。
2012年 首次参加纽约时装周。
就读于东京艺术大学时制作的木屐被伦敦Victoria and Albert Museum永久收藏。
作品被选入东京都现代美术馆 “Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion”展。
2013年 为Lady Gaga专属定制的芭蕾舞鞋被纽约的Museum at FIT永久收藏。
个展“A/W 2010-11 collection”被纽约的The Metropolitan Museum of Art永久收藏。
作品被选入纽约Museum at FIT的 “Shoe Obsession”展。
由京都服饰文化研究财团所收藏的作品在西雅图Seattle Art Museum展出。
作品被选入在荷兰举办的 “Arnhem MoBA 2013”,在 “Fetishism in Fashion”展中展出。
作品在Peabody Essex Museum展出。