A British brand of luxury handbags that utilizes hand-crafted fabrics made in Sardinia. Its designer, Antonello Tedde’s personal story and attachment to his native Sardinia are integral to the handbags he designs.
Antonello’s main themes include the blazing Sardinian sun, the emerald green sea, stark white sandy beaches; and the vibrant colors and rich fragrance of the native Mediterranean plants ...
Sardinian women have been producing natural hand-woven fabrics for hundreds of years. They are still practicing this tradition today, using regenerated cotton and local organic wools, each carefully selected by Antonello. The unsophisticated fabrics they produced are then sent to be manufactured by skilled Italian artisans. The smart combination of authentic Italian tradition with British modern fashion is the secret as to why Antonello is able to offer you the most exclusive eco- luxuries.
ANTONELLO是源自英国的豪华箱包品牌。其设计师Antonello Tedde来自意大 利撒丁岛,所使用的布料均为撒丁岛上手工制作而成。
在 A N T O N E L L O 里 ,是 撒 丁 明 亮 的 日 晒 ,翡 翠 绿 色 的 海 ,纯 白 的 砂 浜 ,以 及 地 中 海星星点点的岛屿上,自然生长的花草树木的色泽和芬芳...... 撒丁岛的手织布风格素朴,由岛上的女性们代代相传。今天的撒丁岛妇人们以再 生棉和放养的有机羊毛为素材,依旧勤勤恳恳地编织着这传承了数百年的传统。 而布料的缝制,则交由意大利国内的娴熟工匠完成。 扎根于意大利风土的传统与伦敦的现代优雅在这里完美融合,造就了 ANTONELLO极具生态环保意识的豪华箱包。
Born in Sardinia, Italy.
Economics major. Inspired by his research on luxury fashion, he began to pursue a designer career.
After graduating from The London College of Fashion, worked with top European maisons such as Paul Smith, Mulberry and FENDI and built his designer career.
2007 Began to make bags with Sardinian hand-made cloth.
2009 Personal collection launched under the name: ANTONELLO.
Antonello Tedde个人档案
伦敦服装学院毕业后,历任Paul Smith、Mulberry、FENDI等欧洲著名奢侈品牌 的设计师,积累了丰富的设计经验。
2007年 开始设计用撒丁岛手织布制作而成的箱包。
2009年 以ANTONELLO为名的系列设计发表。