mYak offers a unique line of accessories and home décor in a blend of soft baby yak wool and cashmere, spun from 100% natural fibers. This Italian brand is known for its dynamics: the wool is collected from yaks raised on the Tibetan Plateau; the fiber is woven with exquisite Italian craftsmanship, and the designs are realized in collaboration with talented designer Tom Scott who is based in Brooklyn, New York.
The staff of mYak have a deep abiding love and respect for Tibetan culture. They have worked and lived together with the Tibetan herders for over 20 years, and have brought the amazing fibers of the Tibetan Plateau to the world.
Yaks in Tibet have evolved with an external layer of coarse hairs and a soft undercoat to protect them from the bitter Himalayan cold. mYak only purchases fiber from the undercoat of baby yaks, those in their first and second winter of life. The young yaks are hand-combed in the spring to collect the highest quality fibers before they are shed.
The finest fibers in the world, combined with exquisite Italian craftsmanship and and the fashionable aesthetic of Brooklyn, create heartfelt, modern and precious mYak products.
mYak来自意大利,以其用料讲究的杂货及服饰而闻名——柔软的小牦牛毛,上等的 羊绒,其所使用的原料均为100%纯天然纤维。mYak是一个极具多元性的品牌: 设计师Tom Scott活跃于纽约布鲁克林,毛原料来自生长于青藏高原的牦牛,最终缝制则出自于意大利小型工坊的一流工匠之手。
m Y a k 的 制 作 团 队 发 自 内 心 地 热 爱 西 藏 文 化 ,在 青 藏 高 原 与 当 地 游 牧 民 共 同 生 活 、 工作了20余年之久,并将来自高原的绝好纤维带向了世界。 青藏高原的牦牛被由外侧的粗毛和内侧的绒毛组成,其中绒毛柔软且保温性能极 强,是牦牛为了抵抗高原的严寒而自然演化的结果。每到春天,mYak便会精心梳 理并采割两岁以下小牦牛的绒毛。 用心收割的被誉为世界最好的纤维的小牦牛毛,配上布鲁克林的典雅设计,再施 以 意 大 利 工 匠 的 精 巧 技 艺 — — 是 这 些 精 益 求 精 的 环 节 ,共 同 造 就 了 兼 具 极 佳 的 保 暖性能和现代美感的mYak制品。