The jewelry of Rose Morant, a Franco Swiss artist based in Hong Kong, is compared to “wearable monumental sculptures”. As a creative supplier to the very best European luxury brands, Rose Morant’s designs are simple yet modern, suggestive of massive modern architectural designs. Her longtime research and expertise in Asian crafts and skills guarantee that her work is far more than fashion items that are beautiful. These are the bearers of essential history and culture, edgy and thus fascinating.
For instance, behind her bracelets, lies the ancient technique of lacquer from Myanmar, and the traditional ivory and tortoiseshell processing techniques from Vietnam. All these processes make the bracelets graceful and exquisite, as though worn by noblewomen from an ancient dynasty.
Needless to say, all her designs are totally hand crafted. In the case of the lacquer products, to get the perfect finishing and profound colors, more than ten layers of lacquer is needed and each color application is punctuated with drying and sanding stages. Her designs are a unique combination of European sensibility combined with traditional Asian culture and set their wearer apart.
旅居香港的瑞士籍法国艺术家Rose Morant所打造的珠宝,被誉为“可佩戴的纪念 雕塑”。作为亚洲手工艺的专家,其设计受到欧洲诸多顶级奢侈品牌的青睐,风格 大方,简洁且时尚。她的作品中似乎寄宿着存在于世界某个角落的哪座厚重建筑 物的风影,总能予人翩翩浮想。这是她长年来在世界各地孜孜调研的结晶,而东 南 亚 的 传 统 手 工 艺 则 给 这 一 想 像 赋 予 了 实 形 。光 是 美 感 和 典 雅 或 许 尚 不 足 矣 — — 再加上其作品所承载着、讲述着的历史和文化,才使得Rose Morant的设计拥有了 无与伦比的前卫魅力。
Rose Morant的作品琳琅繁多,有缅甸从古传承至今的漆器工艺,有将古代越南的 象牙和龟甲加工技术灵活运用制成的手镯,仿佛曾经被古代王朝的贵族妇人们佩 戴过一般,优雅的品性与高贵的气质扑面而来。
毋庸置疑,Rose Morant的所有作品均为纯手工制作。有的作品十分精密复杂,例 如漆器的制作,从涂漆、干燥到研磨,工序多达10次以上。而将其饰戴于身的您, 兼具欧罗巴品味的典雅与亚细亚传统文化的悠扬,非凡的气质尽显无余。
1963 Born in Paris.
Following ethnological and social studies, entered the creative side of fashion and simultaneously travelled throughout Asia.
Started working with lacquer experts in Vietnam in the 1990s. Currently resides in Hong Kong and creates product for the very best European luxury brands.
Has her own accessories brand Rose Morant in Paris.
Creates contemporary art pieces such as sculpture and furniture as well.
1963年, 出生于巴黎。
1990年代起,在越南正式开始学习漆器工艺。 现在居住于香港,作品供应欧洲奢侈品牌。
个人品牌Rose Morant设立于巴黎,主要面向欧洲市场。